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Our 10th kitesurf event is taking place in Soma Bay – apply now! An interactive event concerning Kitesurfing and Networking 2015

Hosted by the Founders Kite Club (FKC) our high-level-networking event takes place for the 10th time from the 27th – 30th of August in Soma Bay, Egypt. Among our participants there will be founders, executives, investors and innovators who want to push their business. We make that happen by bringing together likeminded people in an informal manner and creating room for business networking directly at the beach. In the evening we offer even more structured and targeted business activities.

At our event in Soma Bay in August, participants from all over the world and from various industries will come together to kite and to get to know each other on a personal level. Therefore it makes no difference if a person has kitesurfing skills or wants to learn the sport at the event. The Founders Kite Club offers a panel to forge new premium contacts in the start-up and investor community, orchestrating business deals, collaborations and establish new friendships. Thanks to the support of BEST Kiteboarding pro-riders such as Kristin Boese, Ruben Lenten oder Youri Zoon, as well as local, professional trained coaches, everyone is able to learn on an individual level and fulfil your goals step by step. After the common dinner there is the evening entertainment with Key Note speeches, presentations by the participants and discussions about current topics, which represents the more structured part of the networking.

Kiteboarding is an action-packed, adrenaline fuelled sport that is very social. We bring these characteristics to our events. The club enjoys an atmosphere of personal and mutual trust so that the entrepreneurs are able to speak openly about the difficulties in their business. The aim of the Founders Kite Club is to use the kiteboarding sport to create a particularly trusting relationship between our participants and to offer a base to initiate new businesses successfully.

Those who are already sharing their passion with us and those who would like to try this sport are welcome to visit our website and are kindly invited to apply for Soma Bay 2015. 

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More than a business card exchange – with the Founders Kite Club in Spain

The Founders Kite Club (FKC) drives its business by bringing entrepreneurs to the most beautiful spots on earth. From the 29th of Oct – 01st of Nov they will be in Tarifa, Spain.

The Founders Kite Club is a company that brings together founders and CEOs with investors while kiteboarding. Co-hosted by professional kite boarders, such as Ruben Lenten, Gisela Pulido, Youri Zoon and many more, we organize events worldwide in an informal atmosphere. We are well aware of the bonding power of our sport and want to use it to create a particularly trusting relationship between our participants and to push each other in life and work.

From the 29th of Oct – 1st of Nov the Founders Kite Club will be in Tarifa, Spain. Tarifa is a surfer mekka with great kitesurfing conditions and two kind of winds: Levante, which is the warm and strong east wind and Poniente, the cold but very stable west wind. The spot is for both: beginners and advanced riders.

During the day the heart of the event revolves around kiteboarding, while during the evening the focus shifts to business. After casually networking at the beach you can enjoy a delicious meal, and relive the highlights of the day with everyone at the dinner table. The second half of our program is about targeted networking, more precisely business speed dating and presentations held by the participants about their company history, their career and learnings out of their business. There will also be discussions about current business topics.

On our events budding entrepreneurs will have fun and and most importantly will be able to plan and accelerate long-term goals for their current businesses. A mix of entrepreneurs with different backgrounds, but similar attitudes will act to satisfy everyones different needs. Those demands could be investments, cooperations, new customers or inspiration for new businesses. 

The Founders Kite Club brings together the right people from all different walks of life and creates an active and profound interaction and not only a simple business card exchange.

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Mario Steinbuch

Managing Director

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