Cancellation policy

4. Events organized by FKC

4.1 All prices shown on the FKC websites exclude VAT. 

4.2 Registration for FKC events and ticket sales are carried out through email. In order to register for an event, the user needs to apply through the website. Thereafter the participants application is reviewed and if successful, the participant receives a booking confirmation and invoice. The registration for an event does become binding once the booking confirmation has been received. 

4.3 Cancellation Policy Tickets can be transferred only within the same calendar year giving no less than 60 days prior notice counting from the first day of the event. Cost differences between events will be either credited or invoiced separately. Tickets cancelled or transferred with less than 60 days’ notice are subject to a €500 administration fee. Tickets not used at the last event of the calendar year will be forfeited. 

4.4 Payment shall be made through bank transfer on the date showing on the booking confirmation, usually two weeks after receiving invoice. 

4.5 In the case of either the event date or location (event venue) being changed, in general tickets remain valid. Events announced on the calendar are not fixed and can be subject to change or cancellation. 

4.6 In the case of rescheduling an event, the cardholder’s ticket may be returned by a deadline to be determined by FKC, preferably immediately after the announcement of the new event date. Event tickets returned by the deadline for a changed or cancelled event are subject to 100% refund. After the deadline has expired, any claims for reimbursement will expire. 

4.7 A refund without returning the original ticket is not possible. On returning the ticket, the customer should specify his bank account details and will then receive a refund of the price paid. If the ticket is not returned within the time limit, no refund is possible. Additional claims (e.g. postage, travel expenses, etc.) are excluded. 

4.8 In the event of a no-show (the cardholder does not show up at the event), there will be no refund of the ticket price. 

4.9 Tickets are non-transferable to another person. The purchase of tickets for commercial resale is prohibited. 

4.10 Discounted tickets are only valid in combination and/or in conjunction with an authorized identification qualifying for discount. This must be presented when purchasing the ticket and shown on request to gain admission to the event venue. 

4.11 FKC reserves the right to exclude persons from their events. Any payments made by a person who was decided to be excluded will be refunded by FKC.