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All of our events are open exclusively for founders, entrepreneurs & investors. To receive an invitation you need to undergo the following application process


We would like to learn a bit more about you to start the conversation. Please use the button “Apply” to get to the FKC application form so we can consider you for an invitation. 


The FKC is a community of like-minded thinkers, doers, kitesurfers. So we carefully select the participants to make sure that professional record, kitesurfing skills and personality match the specific event.


In case you meet the criteria you will receive your invitation including the purchase option for the event ticket. The ticket can be purchased online, we provide invoice and details so you can properly manage your expense.

Experience beaches and speeches around the world



Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our participants say:

Imagine your best kitesurfing session, the wind is steady, water is smooth and you’ve nailed that move you’ve been dreaming about. Now imagine the most stimulating conversation you’ve had about entrepreneurship with amazing new friends. Combine the two together and it’s only one dimension of FKC. It’s an experience like no other.

Vlad Glebov

Founder of CoLife

Recently I had my first FKC experience in Tarifa after being invited as one of the guest speakers. I had such a wonderful time! Everything was so well organized and in an extremely relaxed way.  Besides having fun, they give you also a lot of inspiration and learnings by inviting (social) entrepreneurs who share their story’s and projects during these days. The interest from the group was so honest and open and that it created such a nice atmosphere! And that is FKC! Likeminded people who not only share their passion for kitesurfing, but who are also open for other ideas, projects and are ready to help you if needed. This trip for me was heartwarming and fun together! I will for sure join another FKC trip in the future.

Dennis Karpes

Social Entrepeneur, Founder of Dance4Life & the Naga Foundation, Co-Founder Justdiggit, chosen by the World Economic Forum to be Young Global Leader.

I love FKC!! Where else can you go kitesurfing in amazing places with likeminded inspiring humans and have every last details planned out for you! From the inspiring talks to the epic kitesurfing and clinics with pros, test gear, great food, and best photographer ever. But the best part is certainly the people!! I can’t wait to join another event.

Lauren Lipcon

Entrepreneur and Founder of Injury Funds Now